just researched gitmo, iraq/afghanistan wars, and mental health of soldiers for hours…this is the only thing that can make me smile right now.

I hope John C. Yoo gets stuffed into a place much worse than Guantanamo. Thank God for karma. 

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Louis C.K. on immigrationLouis C.K. on immigration

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"your gpa isn’t everything and definitely doesn’t define who you are"

now let me not listen to my own words and maintain above 3.8 for graduation PLEASEEE GODDDDDDDD

When the sun shines, we shine together. Told ***** i’ll be here forever…I put the ***** under my umbrella ella ellaaaa







Apparently ppl think the police are being UNFAIR to this POOR LITTLE PRECIOUS CHILD :’CCCCC as evidenced boy the poll further down. It’d be super neat if you peeps on Tumblr could let your voices be heard. Plenty of brown folks sitting in jail just because they LOOK suspicious and this dumb bitch tries to get of scott free after she got caught. Not to mention all the copycats that have been spawned directly following this. SEND HER PUNK ASS TO JUVIE. MAKE AN EXAMPLE OUT OF HER. LET WHITE PEOPLE KNOW THEY CAN’T JUST BLINK THEIR SHINY BLUE EYES AND GET AWAY WITH SHIT LIKE THIS.

And 70% don’t believe she should be prosecuted… Hmm okay I wonder how much that percentage would change if she was an 8-year old brown kid. Best believe thier ass would already be in Guantanamo Bay


Actions have consequences. The fact white kids can tweet bomb threats and then literally play the race card for sympathy expect to get off scot free while ever muslim i know watched what they say in public to such a degree it causes anxiety because one wrong move looking muslim or not white lands you in gitmo or regular jail or on watchlists

its not fair and i think i can live with one white kid being the example because clearly these kids have no moral centers and can’t make the executive decision to not post deliberate threats and expect nothing to happen.

Iam literally afraid for my family’s safety simply because I have expressed my opinions about the American government’s treatment of POC and Muslims, I have to actively keep myself from voicing my opinions because I am afraid it will mean trouble for my father and mother, despite those same opinions being totally okay if said by a white person

and THIS BITCH is gonna come in here and be racist as shit and make a fucked up derogatory comment and wipe her hands clean cause of her pasty ass skin? FUCK ALL THAT. FUCK EVERY PERSON THAT VOTED NO ON THAT POLL. FUCK ALL OF YOU. 

Be (with) someone who doesn’t need everyone’s approval. 

As Justice Roberts said, “The way to end racial discrimination is to stop discriminating by race.”

Except when you are part of a society that is structured towards the advancement of only a certain race…then you do have consider race or at least socio-economic stratification (which is dominated by minorities). You don’t have to give special privilege, but you do have to restructure the system. That’s where America has issues, nobody wants to put in the time or effort.

I hate how some white people are hating on UofM’s Black Student Association. If you aren’t a minority, don’t speak on minority issues or make assumptions. The reason why there’s a 4.4% black population is NOT because black people are dumb. It’s because there are issues in the groundwork of the system that have prevented them (and any minority) from succeeding or matching scores. I don’t think anyone deserves special privilege, but the foundations of the school system has to be changed to encourage minorities and account for their social setting.  

oh god…what has sociology done to meeeeee ;)


Here’s a nice list of things Muslim sisters can do without being criticized:


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