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1. I tried nihari for the first time today 0_0 

2. I cleaned my filthy car

3. Chaach for 1+1+8 today

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1. Zenat bought me deodorant lmao bossbitchhottie :* (you have until early October, GET IT)

2. Pastel Pink and Pastel Purple. Idk what I’m doing, but I want this experience for all of my friends

3. Sweet Disposition <3

If you want to get married, ask Allah for 3 things in a spouse:

1. Grant me someone who will remind me of you.

2. Grant me someone who will hold my hand in Jannah.

3. Grant me someone who will elevate my Emaan.

(via islamicrays)

“There’s love that gives you wings, and love that chains you to the ground.
Seek the love that frees you and raises you.
Leave the love that shackles, behind.”

Yasmin Mogahed (via islamicrays)

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“give your daughters difficult names. give your daughters names that command the full use of tongue. my name makes you want to tell me the truth. my name doesn’t allow me to trust anyone that cannot pronounce it right.”

Warsan Shire (via laevoe)

"don’t be weird, but at the end of a business meeting…"

"fortune favors the brave"

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1. hands and cheek

2. “this bitch is getting hitched” 

3. zenat threw keys at my stomach after I…

It took me a while to find out, understand, and accept why you said you’re such a horrible person that night when you were crying, and I really wish you weren’t such a coward about everything…but I forgive you. for all of it.